We care about ecosystems and the environment which is why we strive to have a zero waste policy by recycling 100% of what we produce. By recycling everything, we can help protect ecosystems for years to come.

Biomass is a great way to make sure that we recycle all of our wood and don’t let any go to waste. Biomass is a method of burning organic matter, such as wood, to fuel burners and boilers and it is a cleaner way of producing fuel than some fossil fuels.

Here at Surrey Tree Care we chip wood to create biomass. The moisture in the wood needs to be controlled and we can handle that too so you get the best results when you burn it.

tree felling

Biomass has advantages over fossil fuels, such as coal, and some of these include:

  • Using wood or other biomass products creates less carbon emissions and so it does not harm the environment. It also has less harmful substances, such as sulfur, which create acid rain. This in turn means trees and other plant life have a healthier environment in which to grow.
  • If leftover wood was left to rot, it would create carbon dioxide or methane, both of which are harmful to the environment. Recycling it as biomass means no harmful gases are made.

Recycling in this way is a win-win situation so we do all we can to help you use biomass on your project.

The first thing we can do is come to you and chip the wood on-site. This obviously means you get your biomass quicker and you don’t have to worry about transport costs.  Our chipper can produce biomass chips which meet G30 and G50 standards and these are suitable for smaller furnaces and burners. We’ll even place it straight in to your designated storage area as well.

If you’re not working with wood, but still want biomass to help you do your part in recycling and protecting the environment, then we also produce wood chips on our farm. We then use this to create dried fuel and we can deliver this to you ready to use. Simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss exactly what you need.