Cable Bracing

Trees are cable braced when a structural weakness has been identified which means that a tree is at risk of structural damage to both itself and/or surrounding buildings. It is a preferred practice over-pruning of mature trees with heavy limbs. Cable bracing prevents heavy, lateral limbs breaking away from the crown at unions. Surrey Tree Care often use cable bracing on trees with v-shaped unions when two stems growing side by side have the risk of the weather stem breakage and splitting away from the union.

Cable bracing is when a system of polypropylene cables are used to support the tree and ensure the tree suffers no further stress or damage. The cables are regularly monitored to prevent no support is lost. Cable bracing prolongs the life of mature trees and should always be carried out wherever possible as the alternative to heavy pruning or tree removal.

Surrey Tree Care provide a thorough risk assessment before any bracing work is carried out; including considerations of the species, condition, design of system and load requiring support and any other contributing programs. Frequent future inspection is also required to ensure the life of the tree is prolonged as safely and effectively as possible.

To discuss cable bracing your trees and arrange a site visit please call 01483 285951.