Biomass £100 per tonne


  • £100 per tonne (10 tonnes minimum order)
  • Less than 25% moisture content
  • Local, sustainably sourced hardwood woodchip from Surrey woodlands
  • Suitable for G30 and G50 biomass boiler systems and smaller
  • Delivery charge applies, please click on the enquiry button to arrange a quotation

Here at Surrey Tree Care we chip wood to create biomass.

Our chipper produces biomass chips which meet G30 and G50 standards with a 25% moisture content suitable for smaller furnaces and burners. We’ll even place it straight into your designated storage area.

Biomass is a great way to make sure that we recycle all of the wood we generate from forestry – we don’t let any go to waste.

We care about ecosystems and the environment which is why we strive to have a zero-waste policy by recycling 100% of what we produce. By recycling everything, we can help protect ecosystems for years to come.

Delivery charge based on location and quantity also applicable. Please fill in the enquiry form via the enquiry button so we can provide you with an accurate quote, estimated delivery and complete this order or call Surrey Tree Care on 01483 285951.

We can also come to you and chip your waste wood on site. This means you get your biomass quicker and don’t have to worry about transport costs, please contact us to arrange.