• £6.50 per 3kg kiln-dried kindling
  • Less than 15% moisture content
  • Local, sustainably sourced hardwood wood from Surrey woodlands
  • Each piece of kindling is approximately 8 inches long
  • Only available to purchase online alongside orders of kiln-dried or seasoned logs



Local Surrey kindling for sale. Surrey Tree Care kindling comes from the trees and woodland that we manage in and around the Surrey Hills. See here for the types of projects that the kindling is produced from.

Kindling is essential for setting and lighting a good fire, stove or wood-fired oven.

Surrey Tree Care kindling is from the same, high-grade hardwood woods as our logs. We pride ourselves at recycling almost 100% of our waste wood. Kindling is just one of our products. We also produce kiln-dried and seasoned logs, mulch and biomass woodchip.

Please note kindling can only be purchased alongside an order of logs from Surrey Tree Care.

For more information about any of our products or services please call Surrey Tree Care on 01483 285951 or contact us here.