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Surrey’s Premier Tree Surgeon with a Full Service Range

There are a number of services which other tree surgeons can provide but very few offer a range as diverse and expansive as Surrey Tree Care. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the services we provide with a brief explanation of what those services involve.


Crown Reduction


A tree surgeon makes a series of precision cuts to a tree’s crown, reducing the foliage it bears. The process can increase light exposure to key areas of the tree that may be shielded by foliage. Ideally, the end result is the tree maintains the best parts of its original foliage but is smartened up and neater.


Crown Thinning


We remove a selection of smaller branches, usually positioned toward the crown’s outermost layer, to ensure the tree’s foliage is a consistent density around a uniform branch structure. The process doesn’t change the size or shape of the tree, and no more than 30% of its foliage should be removed. Crown thinning helps light reach the tree and can reduce wind resistance and weight.




This sees our tree surgeons remove the top-most sections of a tree’s main branches to encourage it to grow a healthier head of foliage. The process prevents a tree from growing too large, which could result in it interfering with electric wires, streetlights or gutters.




Often trees need to be felled, sometimes because they are structurally unsound and pose a threat to people or property, and sometimes because they need to make way for a new development. Depending on the situation, our tree surgeons adopt a traditional felling method, where a cut is made to influence the direction a tree falls, or sectional dismantling takes place. This method is used when space does not allow for traditional felling and sees us cut the tree down bit by bit.


Stump Grinding


This involves us using a high powered stump grinding machine to remove stumps from your land. We have a large grinder attached to a tractor so we can undertake large stump grinding jobs. If it’s a smaller job, one of our professionally trained and certified tree surgeons will use a portable stump grinder. We’ll take the wood chip away for recycling so you can be sure that it is being put to good use.


Hedge Trimming


Surrey Tree Care Limited offers a hedge trimming service and can serve clients with large, out-of-reach hedges via hydraulic platforms, as well as those with smaller hedges. Our team boasts a number of topiary trimming specialists so if you require a sharp and precise finish to your hedge, we’ll use electric hand cutters and take the time to ensure your hedge looks exactly how you envisioned it.




Over the years, our firm has been a part of a variety of landscaping jobs. We’re proud to have been an integral part of many construction projects, all the while establishing scores of small garden patios for properties in the Surrey area. To speak with us about your project, call (01493) 285951 or (07768) 034538.




If you need to remove, replace or erect a fence, Surrey Tree Care Limited is the firm for you. We provide a range of affordable options including stock, close-board and panel fencing.


Contact us for a no-obligation price quote on any fencing job.


Logs & Mulch


We sell mulch and hardwood logs with a minimum of 1-year seasoning. Prices start at £30 per 100 logs with a minimum order of 200 logs. If you purchase over 500, we will deliver them to you for free providing you live in the local area. We also sell small dumpy bags, which contain around 250 logs, for £85. Large bags containing around 350 logs cost £115.


Finally, we sell kindling and woodchip for £8 per bag and £20 per cubic metre respectively. Woodchip orders can be between 2 and 45 cubic metres. Please consult Surrey Log Supplies for more information on our logs and mulch.




Surrey Tree Care Limited can also carry out a range of groundwork projects, including concreting stable blocks, ditch work and hard standings for yards. Whatever the size of your project, we have the equipment at hand to complete it, from huge 13 tonne machines to small doorway diggers. We’re one of the most versatile tree surgeons in Surrey so why not give us a call?


Planting & Establishment


If you need a tree or stand of trees properly planted, our tree surgeons have got you covered. Improperly establishing a tree can lead to both long-term and short-term problems. For example, some fall over and damage property or injure passers-by.  We’ll come back and attend your tree or trees with routine maintenance. Surrey Tree Care


Limited is the one-stop shop for professional tree surgery services and solutions. If you require one of the services listed above, or need a more niche, bespoke solution, give our tree surgeons a call on (01483) 285951 or (07768) 034538.


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