Crown Thinning

If trees are left untended not only can they become unhealthy, but they can affect the surrounding environment as well. Crown thinning is just one method we can use to help maintain your trees and keep your garden and woodland healthy.

As trees grow the foliage gets thicker and the branches get heavier. Thinning the crown means that the overall density of the tree is reduced. During the process of thinning our tree surgeons will select which branches should be removed so that the strength of the tree is not affected.

The process will leave the tree lighter, so there is less pressure on smaller branches, and this allows more light to penetrate through it. Light not only affects the lower limbs of the tree but the ground underneath, so the foliage and wildlife there benefit as well.

Crown thinning also makes the tree more flexible in the wind as it can blow through it more easily, meaning you are less likely to have fallen branches on a windy day.