Vegetation Management

Surrey Tree Care provide a full range of vegetation management and site clearance services. This includes removing shrubbery, trees, vegetation and root systems, leaving sites immaculately clean, clear and level for building works or redevelopment projects. Our vegetation management services also include grass cutting, hedge trimming and reduction, weed control and infrastructure maintenance. The latter may include right of way clearance or reclamation.

Surrey Tree Care are vastly experienced in dealing with sites of all shapes and sizes. We provide a sustainable, responsible and professional service at all times to ensure as little impact to the surrounding area. This includes ensuring the protection of inhabitants. Surrey Tree Care will remove all vegetation from site. We also provide a chipping service and sawmill service. Our specialist whole tree chippers, mulchers and mobile sawmill are bought on site to ensure no branch is wasted.

Surrey Tree Care have an experienced, professional team of highly trained and fully certified operators who are familiar with the rules and regulations for working in public and commercial environments. Working alongside all sectors, from housing developers to public sector local authorities, Surrey Tree Care have found that vegetation management works as part of long term environmental impact strategies. Vegetation Management is much more cost-effective as a long term preventative than dealing with issues at a reactive stage.

To arrange a site visit to inspect your vegetation management requirements please call 01483 285951.