Wood Waste & Recycling

Here at Surrey Tree Care we pride ourselves at being 100% sustainable. Protecting the natural environment of Surrey trees and woodland is at the heart of our business.  Whether we have felled a huge mature Oak or trimmed a hedge, everything is recycled or reused. We create:

  • High-grade woodchip for biomass fuel used to heat Estates both commercial and domestic across the country
  • Lower-grade woodchip for mulch used to surface paths, floor children’s play areas and flower beds to retain water, control weeds and improve soil conditions
  • Seasoned and kiln dried logs and kindling for use in wood burners, wood ovens or open fires
  • Planks and beams for building and furniture and much more.

Please view our gallery for various ways we recycle wood.

To discuss your wood waste or a wood build project please call 01483 285951.